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The new must-haves in FALL WINTER


Vivier’s most impertinent creation is afraid of nothing. A truly addictive piece, a fusion of luxury and street culture, it lends itself to every transformation. For winter 2017, it becomes a fur-trimmed mule. As stylish as ever, it can be slipped on in a flash. Its crystal Buckle is perfect for any setting or time of day, taking it through from a winter morning to a smouldering night.

A luxuriant bed of a thousand leather flowers, this line is an ode to poetry. Spellbinding luxury in which leather – a raw material – is folded and twisted to allow Vivier femininity to blossom. The line exudes a uniquely subtle sexiness. Romantic at times, it comes in black monochrome; sunny at others, it explodes with colour. A real “botanical wall” that climbs up along the ankle of a Sin ankle boot or bursts forth on the Soft clutch.